A treasure hides in the underground of Greenland, and it chases both Chinese and Americans

20 January 2020

Mr Hu Zesong, Chairman of Shenghe Resources discusses the rare earth outlook and Kvanefjeld Project with leading Danish news agency Berlingske.

Key points include:

  • Rare earth demand is set to surge extensively owing to advances in technology and the critical role of rare earths

  • Shenghe has worked collaboratively with GML and provided support to maximise the potential of the project

  • Mr Hu sees Kvanefjeld as the third major rare earth mine outside China, with its enrichment in Nd, Pr, Dy, Tb elevating its significance

  • There is a downstream processing strategy that may see intermediate products initially processed in China, but longer term a European processing strategy is the aim

  • The project will have an international focus, and Europe will be an important market that will benefit from Kvanefjeld’s development

Read the article here (note - article in Danish)