Obtaining and maintaining a license to operate is central to our business strategy and is consistent with the expectations of our stakeholders

A strong relationship with the community is critical, therefore the Company has developed a relationship based on a partnership model of engagement which involves;

  • consultation
  • transparency
  • participation
  • support
  • respect 

We take a balanced and considered approach to managing our business through integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into all of our decisions.

It is our objective to deliver long-term benefits to all stakeholders whilst striking an acceptable balance with social and environmental values.

Greenland Minerals' vision is to leave a positive legacy that will long outlive the life of mining operations.

Greenland Minerals is an engaged member of the local community. We have a long history of engagement with all of our stakeholders. Engagement has taken many forms.

  • Community open days
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Public meetings/forums
  • Individual stakeholder meetings
  • Presentations to the Mining School at Sisimuit
  • Skills training with drill crews during drilling campaigns

 It is one of the Company‚Äôs most important roles to support the development of a resilient local community through infrastructure development and career and business opportunities.

Care of the environment in which the project is located is integral to our business. We understand the impacts that our activities can have and minimising these will be central to all of our decision making. We are committed to managing environmental performance with the same rigor as other aspects of our business.

We commit to:

  • operating in accordance with the best principles of sustainable development
  • ensuring that valuable natural resources are conserved and used sustainably
  • minimising waste and maximising recycling
  • carefully managing inputs to and outputs from the process
  • ensuring that disturbed areas are reclaimed as sustainable ecosystems and community assets
  • encouraging scrutiny of our environmental practices

The wellbeing of our employees and our local community is a foundation issue for integrity, prosperity, and sustainability. A safe work environment and encouraging healthy lifestyles will help us to achieve our production and financial goals.

We commit to:

  • leading, educating and guiding the workforce in a safety focussed culture
  • implementing a comprehensive safety management system
  • supporting healthy lifestyles amongst our employees and in the local community