A social impact assessment provides the basis for analysing, monitoring and managing the social impacts of a planned development. Greenland Minerals' SIA describes how the Kvanefjeld Project has been designed to minimise its adverse impacts and maximise its benefits to society.

The objectives of the SIA are:

  • To provide a satisfactory and impartial description for Greenlandic society in general about what Greenland, the local affected communities and individuals will gain from the Project.

  • To inform and involve relevant and affected individuals and stakeholders early on in the process via ongoing dialogue and specific procedures, for example through information and consultation meetings as well as through relevant media.

  • To provide a detailed description of the social pre-Project baseline situation, which, on the basis of the most recent available data, is to form the basis for planning, mitigation initiatives and future monitoring.

  • To provide an assessment based on collected baseline data to identify both positive and negative social impacts at local and national levels.

  • To optimise positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts throughout the Project lifetime and through this ensure sustainable development.

  • To involve in a meaningful manner affected towns, settlements and communities (individuals) that may be directly or indirectly impacted throughout the Project by utilising and respecting local knowledge, experience, culture and values.

  • To form the basis for the development of the Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA).

The SIA has been prepared in accordance with the Government of Greenlands' Social Impact Assessment (SIA) – Guidelines on the process and preparation of the SIA report for mineral projects.

Read the SIA - Non Technical Summary

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