Kvanefjeld Project - Environmental Impact Assessment

Greenland Parliament Act no. 7 of 7 December 2009 requires that mining companies prepare an environmental impact assessment in connection with the development of any proposed mineral project.

The aim of the environmental impact assessment is to identify, predict and communicate the potential environmental impacts of the planned mining project in all of its phases - construction, operation, closure and post-closure. The assessment should also identify mitigation measures designed to eliminate or minimize negative environmental effects, such measures, as far as possible, being incorporated into Project design.

Greenland Minerals’s environmental impact assessment has been prepared in accordance with the Guidelines for preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment report for mineral exploitation in Greenland.  The Guidelines identify the requirements for impact assessments relating to:

  • Environmental baseline studies, including background concentrations and variations, vegetation and fauna, and local use and knowledge

  • Project related environmental studies, including quantifying potential sources of contamination such as ore, waste rock and tailings

  • Discharges and emissions to the environment, including air and water emissions.

The Guidelines also specify the requirements for environmental management and monitoring plans.

Read the EIA – Non-Technical Summary.

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